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Malagoon: the ultimate island feeling in your own bedroom


Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could hold onto that holiday feeling all year long? And if you could unwind after a long working day in a relaxing island atmosphere? Malagoon can bring that dream closer, starting in your own bedroom.


Anneke Bierma, textile designer and founder of Malagoon, found inspiration in the relaxed way of living on tropical islands, "After many years of experience working in top fashion and sportswear design, I began to notice the complete lack of variety in the world of bed linen: it was mainly just standard flowers, checks and plaids. This can be done better, I thought, and I began to sketch". The results were original designs in fresh, happy colours. Anneke then traveled the world to find the perfect production location and found it finally in India. "Wonderful", she thought, "they have the same ideals of perfection as I have."


In 2012 Malagoon introduced a collection of bed linen and accessories with a wide selection of fabrics, colors and expressive designs. The whole range breathes a relaxed and sunny atmosphere and is easy to mix and match in and around the home.: "I was amazed by the many positive reactions I received. The fabrics and colors made people happy, just as I'd hoped!", said Anneke.


Malagoon produces its designs in small quantities, leaving plenty of room for creativity. This is an absolute must, allowing Malagoon the flexibility to create  unique and exclusive products. As well as working hard, Anneke and her team are open to all the beauty the world has to offer. Her motto: Live in the moment! Free your spirit!

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